Sunday, August 28, 2005

What to do in Hawaii

There is one big disadvantage of going to Hawaii for a vacation. You have to come home sometime. We are back into the rush or real life, and I'm only going to bore you with one photo. But if you're headed there anytime soon, here are a few things that our family does every time.

1. The America II is a racing schooner that actually finished 2nd in the Americus Cup race a number of years ago. It has been re-outfitted for normal folks to ride, but it is still fast and tons of fun. And it costs less than $40 for a 2 hour ride. One of the real bargains. When asked why they don't fill every seat every day, they said some folks are afraid of it. We've done it four times. With kids as young as seven. Nothing to be afraid of.

2. Rafting. Zodiak and others offer 6 and 12 passenger rafting adventures. The best are on Hawaii and Kauai with visits inside of sea caves, but if you're not visiting those islands, go for it on Maui or Oahu. Around $80 for 4 hours and two snorkeling spots. These rafts go fast enough to get airborne over bigger waves if the ocean is rough enough.

3. Volcano National Park. We call our trips eduvations because we are always looking for ways to learn while we travel. Nothing is better for learning than a trip to Volcano National Park. Great things to look at and do. Walk on lava flows. Breath sulfur from underground steam vents. $10 bucks to get into the park. However, it would be a great idea to stay the night at the hotel on the grounds are close by. Then you can take the 40 minute trip to see hot lava flowing off the cliffs of south Hawaii at night. We didn't do it that way this time, but will next time.

Best month to go. October. Great weather, but nobody goes then, so the tourist stuff is not overrun. Lots of bargains since shop owners are slow. November 15 to May 1 is very busy. Summers are hot and humid.

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