Saturday, August 06, 2005

Practical Advantages of Belief in God - Part 3

It is so hard for me to imagine being depressed all the time, or even for a short time. I’m a true optimist, a really sunny side of the street type. I also am blessed to have all my faculties (I think). It is hard to imagine not being able to hear, or speak, or see, or taste, or run. More good news for me is that I have a bit of talent in music and verbal communicating. So I can’t get behind the eyes of someone who struggles with music or creative writing. But I don’t feel the music like some. And my wife, Pam, communicates with a passion that makes folks cry. I can’t get there. Its a limitation I have tried to overcome. I would like to experience it, but people tell me it can’t be learned.

3. Seeing, feeling, experiencing the spiritual dimension.
How difficult it must be to know that others can experience God, but you can’t. It would be worse than not having “soul” when you sing. It would be worse than being physically blind. It would be in some ways like the loneliness that some blind or hearing impaired people experience.

Life is incomplete without the spiritual senses activated. Sometimes I think it would be more like not knowing how to love someone else fully. Or not being able to get excited when its bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, two out, 3-2 pitch. Or not being able to be completely overcome when seeing a magnificent sunset, rainbow, or Niagara Falls.

Life is really incomplete when you can’t feel the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding you through life. Everyone has a conscience, and some develop it very well without God. However, it is the Bible and its Interpreter, the Holy Spirit, that can provide answers to life’s issues that are not covered by other moral systems.

Being able to commune with the spiritual dimension as you walk through life provides a reduction in anxiety that comes when we think we are in charge of our lives, and it all depends on us. As an owner of a small business, it truly can be lonely at the top. Nobody else knows all the issues that go into my decisions, so they can be critical about my decisions with incomplete information. People without the Holy Spirit can feel that same loneliness, since no one else knows all of their personal circumstances. The Holy Spirit does. That provides peace of mind.

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