Thursday, January 05, 2006

More on What You Fear - Read This if You Care About Your Future

What you fear may define your politics. I argued this a few days ago in this place. Now Mark Steyn has written one of the most important articles I've seen in a while. It is being widely linked throughout the www. Its the Demography, Stupidclearly points to low birth rate as the most likely cause of massive changes in the way we live IN THE SHORT TERM.

...the political platforms of at least one party in the United States and pretty much all parties in the rest of the West are largely about what one would call the secondary impulses of society--government health care, government day care (which Canada's thinking of introducing), government paternity leave (which Britain's just introduced). We've prioritized the secondary impulse over the primary ones: national defense, family, faith and, most basic of all, reproductive activity--"Go forth and multiply," because if you don't you won't be able to afford all those secondary-impulse issues, like cradle-to-grave welfare.

He says of multiculturism and tolerance:

our tolerance of our own tolerance is making us intolerant of other people's intolerance, which is intolerable.

On tree huggers:

If you've read Jared Diamond's bestselling book "Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed," you'll know it goes into a lot of detail about Easter Island going belly up because they chopped down all their trees. Apparently that's why they're not a G-8 member or on the U.N. Security Council. Same with the Greenlanders and the Mayans and Diamond's other curious choices of "societies." Indeed, as the author sees it, pretty much every society collapses because it chops down its trees.

That's enough of a teaser. You need to read the whole thing

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