Monday, January 02, 2006

More Predictions for 2006 - A Critical Year

Never fearing to go out on a limb, here are a few important things to watch for in 2006.

I have been watching a lot of football the last few weeks, and a common refrain from the announcers is: "This is a critical series," or "This third down will make or break the game." I think this is going to be that kind of year. Since I'm an optimist, you'll note that my predictions are all pretty positive.

1. Alioto will be confirmed. We as a nation will start taking small steps away from the culture of death.

2. We will have substantial troop reductions in Iraq. There will be huge pressure on Syria and Saudi Arabia to become more "civilized." They will do so. Baby steps.

3. Unless the current president of Iran is deposed by his own people, or unless he chooses to dramatically change his tune, the US or Israel will take out the Iranian nuclear capability and its medium range missles.

4. The economy will continue to do just fine through the first three quarters. The fed will loosen monitary policy starting in June to stave off worries of stagnation.

5. Immigration reform will be fully in place by April. There will be a guest worker program and a major step up in effective barriers.

6. This combination of effective government on issues people care about will result in excellent results for Republicans in November, but will not help Bush to get his other desired results, like SS reform or drilling in Alaska.

7. Dean will be dropped as Dem leader by April.

8. We are already at full employment. Worker shortages will be the biggest issue in the late Summer, especially as immigration reform starts to work.

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