Saturday, December 23, 2006


The family is starting to arrive. Our normal 5 is up to 8, and those are just the folks that are sleeping here. The big deal is today. Pretty much all the LA basin relatives will be here. It will be nothing but delightful times with kids and grandkids right through the 27th.

Then my young bride and I will head to the Central California Coast to celebrate an amazing 20 years of marriage together. We have been promised that the night tour of the Hearst Castle is spectacular, especially at Christmas time. How much better can 8 days be, at least in promise.

So, blogging will be a distant priority for the next week or so. Maybe I'll just bore you all with a few pictures of all these family to-do's. Or maybe the December archives will just be a little short of content.

God bless all of you who visit here, even those of you who don't think He exists.

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