Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Website Gives Basic Points Re-Darwinism/Naturalism Is Wrong

WorldnetDaily is still a daily stop for me, although I am concerned that they are falling pray to some pretty wacked out ideas. In between the silly stuff, however, this news aggregator does find a few gems that you won't see reported elsewhere. So, today we have a story about a group who is buying space on billboards to advertise their new website, "Who Is Your Creator?"

The purpose of the site is to give simple (some might say simplistic, but they would be wrong), easily understood arguments against the naturalistic view of how life began and came to be the way it is today. After reviewing half of the material on the site, I didn't see anything new, but the site is well laid out, and would be a great starting point for someone who doesn't desire to read an entire book on the subject.

One very cool offering on the site that I had heard about but never seen was a list of scientist who have signed a "scientific dissent from Darwinism." You can find that download on this page

Visit their home page to see the billboards they are putting up. Really quite fun.

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