Friday, December 15, 2006

Know Thine Enemy Department - President Ahmadinejad

A one stop resource for the recent rantings, ravings, and speeches of Iranian President Ahmadinejad can be located in one blog. They are presented without editing, and the blog does allow for comments. If you would like to read some of the interviews and speeches of Ahmadinejad, prepare to be both fascinated and appalled. Many of the comments that have been provided by readers are also quite good and illuminating.

In reading his most recent letter to the Citizens of the US, I couldn't help thinking that the content could have just as easily have been stated by Jimmy Carter or John Kerry. Go ahead, read it and see if you don't see extremely close parallels.

In the interest of clarity, allow me to add a comment to this post. At least one person seems to have misunderstood my position. I recommend reading these works in order, as the title states, to know your enemy. This man is the enemy of civilization in a way that can only be compared to Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim, Stalin, Lenin, and other similar despots. Some of the comments in this blog are favorable, and the entire blog may have been set up to give favorable treatment to Ahmadinejad. Whatever its purpose, the result provides all of us with a direct look into the heart of Islamofacism.

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