Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Backpedaling on Global Warming

Even as the rhetoric is reaching every increasing levels of hysteria, no less than a major UN study has concluded that humans are contributing 25% less to global warming than previously thought. And even though the UN thinks the temperature will march ever upward in the next 100 years, the consequences seems to be measure in heat waves and a bit over a foot rise in average sea level.

This comes on the heals of a substantial reduction in the estimate of temperature increase predicted in the next 50 years as reported here a few weeks ago.

The earth has weather fires, massive volcanoes, ice ages, meteors, and who knows what else over the time of its existence. Many, in his hubris, somehow thinks his weak contribution to climate change in the last 50 years is somehow going to be the "thing" that the earth can't handle. Then we humble humans think we can do something to counter these effects. And we think we can do so without unintended consequences which may very well turn out to be exceedingly more destructive. WOW!

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