Monday, December 18, 2006

The Left and Europe Just Don't Get It

A few days ago I posted regarding the President Ahmadinejad speeches and interviews being available unfettered at this blog. I want to update my opinion of that blog, and it makes for an even more interesting point.

Because of some harrassing comments on this site from another blogger, I went back and read more of the comments on the Ahmadinejad site. It soon became clear that the site was intended for those sympathetic to the Iranian despot. I had earlier left a rather neutral comment, which passed through their approval process and was pointed to in their left column. Now I returned and left another message which was very unfavorable to their fearless leader. This new comment was not posted, nor was a follow up comment that spoke to the issue of not posting my less-than-favorable comment.

Why is it that those on the Left and in Europe, not to mention Russia and China, are so blind to what the leadership in Iran and their ilk are after? What will it take for them to understand that if the Islamofascists are allowed to expand their influence liberalism defined every way you can define it, is dead? Dissent means death. Torture isn't an issue up for debate. Believing in no god or any other god but Allah is not an option. A simple blog just confirms what we can expect in a future where these modern Nazi's are in control.

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