Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Donald Rumsfeld Interview with Hugh Hewitt - 21st Century Warfare

I have only this one tiny voice trying to point out the things I see that make real sense, but that might not have wide distribution. Today, I heard an interview which will get decent distribution, because Hugh Hewitts radio talk show has a big audience, and his blog has a very large following. I just want to add however many more I can to this important point.

Donald Rumsfeld pointed out that the terrorists have a media arm that gets up every morning trying to think of ways to win through media what they will never win through arms (this is a very loose paraphrase.) Then he goes on to admit that the US is not nearly as effective in this regard. That our information campaigns are slow to respond and sometimes very defensive.

As a nation, we certainly know how to effectively produce messages for mass consumption. I would recommend that Bill Clinton be given the job. His political war room was second to none in quickly and effectively countering any attacks by his opponants. It was the most impressive part of his entire presidency to this political observer. Who will put in the call?

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