Saturday, May 27, 2006

Window Cleaning Tips

We added a new sunroom a few months ago. Best investment ever. It looks great, and we are just loving sitting in this indoor/outdoor room.

Of course, all that we do that is good comes with some work. In this case, the sunroom comes with 27 windows and three glass french doors. Today was cleaning day. I learned a tip about cleaning windows 40 years ago, and have used it for the house, the cars, and mirrors ever since. Today, I tried a more traditional approach of a squeegy and a super absorbent cloth. Nope. Not as fast, not as good.

The best way to clean glass is with Windex or water and NEWSPAPER. Yep, there is something about the ink in newsprint that does a great job of cleaning, and it leaves no streaks or dust. Just wad up a section of today's LA Times and get to work.

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