Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Science is FAIR! Working to Thwart God and Evolution

If we have global warming, it might be natural. If it is natural it will result in species adaptation. That is natural, whether God does it or Darwin does it. So instead of fighting it, shouldn't we be busy adapting to it?

If certain activities of one species of animal or plant (including humans) encroaches on another species and damages their habitat, shouldn't the others adapt naturally to those encroachments? If they don't adapt, shouldn't they die? Become extint? Isn't that the way its supposed to work?

So aren't the dogooders the ones we need to fear about altering the natural way of things. Maybe mindless evolution or God intended for Condors to become extinct. Their reintroduction is clearly having an effect on some other groups. Maybe God is not happy with this. It might have the butterfly effect and dramatically effect evolution in 50 or 100 years.

Maybe the Condor and some of the other species that we have saved should have died out, and their survival has knocked out the natural rhythem of the weather system, resulting in a warming that is causing those hurricanes. HMMMM.

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