Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hugh Hewitt Helps Me See The Light About the Mainsteam Media

I'm going to first do a simple paraphrase of Hugh Hewitt's comment. Then for the SC fans, I will add my own reaction.

The reason center-right folks are turning off the MSM or get so mad reading the LA Times is not that they have a point of view. It is the total disregard they have for our point of view. To the extent that the contrary opinion about such issues as global warming, tax policy, or health care are even presented, the presentation is done in a way that it is clearly dismissive or even derisive. (My apologies to Hugh for this broad interpretation.)

I compare it to the way we, as individuals, deal with our spouses or teen children. We tend to treat their opinions, to the extent that they are different than ours, as being rediculous or at least easily countered. Respect starts with acknowledging the others point of view as credible and reasonable, even if we see it totally differently.

Conclusion: The MSM disrespects me. Fox is gaining market share because it respects all points of view.

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