Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Undocumenteds Take the Day

May day will have new meaning after yesterday. It will be the Mexican in America freedom day. Some say this is like the Civil Rights movement of the 60's, and others argue that it is not at all the same. Sure, the difference is that the slaves of today are coming hear on purpose in order to escape abject poverty, and feed their families a bit better. Sure, the slaves of today can leave and return to those poor conditions. Nobody will stop them. But like the slaves of yesterday, we enjoy the fruits of their labor while asking them to live a not quite equal status. No voting. No driving. No public services (if some would have their way.)

My small voice is unlikely to sway the Republican base of which I am a part and parcel. I worked precincts for Goldwater, and think George Bush is the 3rd greatest president in 100 years. We had a chance to follow his lead on this and be heroes to this vast new population who will be voting in this country in 10 years, like it or not. Instead we have treated them like a monolithic blot, and they heard it loud and clear. The left has been making sure they know who understands them and who merely can'tstandthem.

Some on the right claim to understand realpolitic. This is a great example. These hard working folks aren't going home. Deal with it. Then be part of the solution instead of riling up the haters, and the legalists. Maybe this future voting block will help us end abortion on demand.

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