Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Ted Dekker - Showdown

Have you started reading Dekker yet? What's keeping you. This guy writes really well. His concepts are unique. There are good underlying messages. You should start with any of his books and just keep going. Now comes SHOWDOWN.

This has to be the weirdest book yet from Ted Dekker. You see there's this monestary hidden in the cliffs somewhere in the desert. There are two levels, and the lower levels are filled with tunnels occupied by these . . . OK! As Stephen King say: the hardest part of writing science fiction is opening the door. I'll keep the door closed and let Dekker open it for you.

Meanwhile there's this wild and crazy guy named Marsuvees Black who seems to have one foot on each floor, and yet another footprint in the town of Paradise. How he manages to be three places at once provides a good part of the tension in this work. Good and evil collide in the minds and hearts of the good people of Paradise and the some orphans who populate the monestary. By now you should be going: "Huh!" That is commonly the thing you say to yourself in all of Dekker's products, but certainly in Showdown.

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