Friday, July 14, 2006

Anti-Semitism - History Repeating Itself

Despotic, dictatorial, charismatic leaders; visionary, simplistic strategy based on clear philosophical theory; demoralized population looking for demons to blame for bad times; very small part of the population as true believers able to convince great masses to do inhumane things to their neighbors and enemies.

Who are we describing? A. Nazis? B. Communists? C. Islamofacists? D. All three?

Now what else is common among these groups? Hatred of Jews and Americans. Why do they hate Jews and Americans? Envy? Progressivism? Secularism? Sure, and so much more.

So why is there even a debate in America about the need to utterly destroy Islamofacism in the same way that we destroyed Nazism and Communism? I suppose it is for many of the same reasons that there was a debate about destroying those blights on the planet when we were faced with them:

1. Many in this country think that the Nazis, Communists, and/or Islamofascists are right, or that they will benefit if one of these forms of government prevails.

2. People don't read history, and/or don't get the parallels. Thus, they are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, unless wiser heads prevail.

3. Many, many in this country are antisemitic. This used to be a disease of the Christian community who wrongly believed in the need to rectify the killing of Christ. A fairly unambiguous reading of scripture makes it clear that this job is God's, to the extent that he wishes to judge and or discipline.

However, now anti-Semitism is largely found among the establishment elite's, especially in the academy, but also in the blogosphere on the left. (See Dailykos;

So there is virtually no outcry from the MSM or the elites when anti-Semitic activity happens on campuses, in our cities, or around the world. The defense of Israel comes from the right and from, ironically, the fundamentalist Christians.

4. Life is good here in America. Why embroil ourselves in WWIII. Sure, we were attacked a few times, and some folks died. If we just spend enough on homeland security, we'll be fine.

Meanwhile some of the same folks who are laid back about the threat to our lives from Islamofacism or internal ant-Semitism are all worked up about global warming. We've seen the results of fascism twice before in less than 70 years. It isn't that hard to predict what is coming from these new Nazis as they gain cash and weapons. We can stand on the sidelines, like we did in WWII, until the cost of containment and destruction is priced high indeed. Or we can destroy this enemy before they gain momentum.

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