Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Natural Disasters Do You Fear?

I grew up in tornado country and now I live in shake and bake (Southern California.) I was scared to death of tornadoes as a child, but I don't fear earthquakes or fires. I'd be interested in what you fear. I mean, enough to move.

You see, I know lots of folks here in LA that say they are scared to death of hurricanes, but they're still here. I know others that live in gang infested areas or high crime neighborhoods, but they haven't put up a for sale sign. How about living in the path of an active volcano. Lots of folks build their homes on old lava flows.

I never saw a tornado growing up. The year after we left, one tore through what had been our back yard. I think I felt more fear of tornadoes because there is a warning. The sky turns that special gray, it gets calm, the radio is reminding you to go to the Northwest corner of your basement...and all you can do is wait.

Earthquakes, no warning there. Big fires, you can pretty much get out of their way. Tsunamies, forgetaboutit.

So what do you fear, natural disaster wise? And what are you doing about it?

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