Saturday, July 15, 2006

Is Lighting the Underexposed Answer to Global Warming

I have been pouring over the web for more information on the contribution that lighting makes to our total energy use. I have found a few factoids, but still not enough to be certain of my theory: We can reduce energy consumption and global warming far more effectively, cheaply, and with less interruption of our economy by massive switching to cooler, lower energy, lighting.

Top of the list of practical measures will be light bulbs. As The Independent highlighted three weeks ago, lighting emits 518 million tons of carbon a year. The International Energy Agency believes that figure could be cut by 38 per cent if the world switched to energy-efficient lighting. Other proposals are that multinational companies should be prevented from sellingtelevisions and other electrical goods which can be switched to standby; and that energy-wasting set-top boxes should be phased out.

I need help with this. Can anybody add to this body of knowledge?

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