Monday, July 24, 2006

Why Use Terrorism Instead of Other Means to Get What You Desire

My friend and uberblogger Mike Williams quotes this today.

"Conrad tells us that one of the sources of terrorism is laziness, or at least impatience, which is to say ambition unmatched by perseverance and tolerance of routine. Mr. Verloc, the secret agent, has a "dislike of all kinds of recognized labour," which, says Conrad, is "a temperamental defect which he shared with a large proportion of revolutionary reformers of a given social state. For"—Conrad continues—"obviously one does not revolt against the advantages and opportunities of that state, but against the price which must be paid in the same coin of accepted morality, self-restraint, and toil. The majority of revolutionists are the enemies of discipline and fatigue mostly."

I think this should be made into a poster and distributed worldwide. Is there a way to shorten it for T Shirts. It is so true.

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