Sunday, July 02, 2006

Framing the Gay Rights Debate - LA Times Editorial

I keep wanting to drop the LA Times. I could get by without it. There is plenty of news and commentary on the web, and no one could claim that the Times has news or commentary that is better than what is available free on the web. I suppose the big thing is computers are not that easy to read at breakfast or on the throne.

But today the LA Times 2nd editorial got something so right they deserve applause, plaudits, and wide distribution of their thought. Never thought I'd say such a thing. Maybe its the new leaderhip in the editorial department. The key to the gay rights debate?

"But religious conservatives are right, in a sense, to say that the reasons some people are gay should have no bearing on their rights."

It had to be hard for them to say that. So now that the real heart of the debate has been posed, we can decide, as a society, whether the actions of homosexuals are the kinds of behavior we want to protect, promote, tolerate, or discourage. In no way should our decision result in judging the individuals as less valuable or more sinful than the next guy. But for this blogger, I vote for discourage.

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