Saturday, October 15, 2005

Feelers and Thinkers - Part III

Talked this whole thing over with my daughter the other day. She agrees with the first two posts for the most part, but suggested that various Biblical characters certainly were seen expressing their feelings. David comes to mind. Jesus wept, lashed out, and grew frustrated. Peter was almost a slave to his feelings.

But the question becomes, are these actions in the Bible to provide a witness for how we are to act? In Jesus' case, of course. His actions were appropriate in every case, even when they seemed to be rooted in feelings. But David's dancing naked, or Peter's telling Jesus what he would or would not do don't seem to be something we should embrace.

So, if a person is a feeler, how do they moderate and control those feelings and still be true to who they are? If a person is a thinker, how do they get in touch with and express their feelings without stepping across lines like cutting off the ears of our enemies? And, moreover, do thinkers need to "feel" more to be authentic?

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