Thursday, October 06, 2005

Feelers and Thinkers

It is so funny how things come together some times. The last few weeks I have really been dealing with why I don't "feel" things more deeply. I am the eternal optimist and do very well with feeling happy and passionate about positive things. However, I know very little about feelings like depression, anger, angst, etc. This, of course, diminishes my ability to empathize with those who are depressed, angry and the like. It also keep me, I think, from reaching my potential as a musician, public speaker, or even writer. No "soul."

While contemplating whether this is a fault, or something to be corrected, or just a part of who I am, I read blogster HolyCoast's post of a few days ago. It would appear he shares my affliction. I have stolen his headline "Feelers and Thinkers." He seems concerned that feelers have a real problem with being logical in arguments, and revert to personal attacks when cornered. I share his concern, and generally lump liberals and most women into this camp (I know I'm in trouble now. Move over Bill Bennett.)

Since I've destroyed any chance of a future Supreme Court appointment, let me continue my line of reasoning. The very next thing I did after reading the HolyCoast blog was read an e-mail from a friend. He had written four poems/songs about my Mother-in-law who passed away a year ago. They were beautiful and touching. My wife was crying and just amazed by what our friend had written. I told her, "I could never have written anything like that." By the way, he isn't a liberal.

Several men who I have discussed the "feeling" thing with over these last weeks are quick to give the macho response: "What? Me feel?" And I don't doubt their sincerity. I'd love to hear some discussion on this one.

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