Saturday, October 01, 2005

Politics as Uusual at AARP

I don't belong to the AARP though I have achieved the appropriate age to do so. I just can't give them dollar one to use against conservative interests. Take the prescription drug plan (please) that President Bush brought to the nation in his first term.

Even though the program was a liberal's dream come true, and even though it was going to provide billions in free or discounted scrips for seniors, the AARP ran ads and held rallies claiming that the Republicans hated seniors, and this bill was all about the pharms.

Buried inside the LA Times business section on page C3, today Saturday Oct 1, the director of health strategies for the AARP, Cheryl Matheis says this:

There is a lot of good in this for the seniors. It is turning out to be more generous coverage than people anticipated.

Shouldn't that be a headline with a personal apology to "W?" These people have absolutely no shame.

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