Friday, September 30, 2005

Prevention Magazine Weighs in on CHOCOLATE - DARK CHOCOLATE

If you're passionate about something, shouldn't you just let it all hang out. I really believe that everyone should be eating one or two servings of dark chocolate every day. At least once per week another article or study comes out saying the same thing.

Now Prevention Magazine joins the chorus with a Fantastic article on the subject. It covers all the basics that you have seen elsewhere on this blog, here, here, and over here. But it goes one step further with some amazing looking recipes. You don't have to buy a copy, just jog over to their website and see the article here

In case you aren't convinced yet, this is how the article starts out:

If it hasn't occurred to you to toss chocolate shavings into a salad, shake cocoa powder over a bowl of popcorn, or serve chicken with a savory chocolate mole sauce, now might be a good time to ask yourself the question why.

These ideas are just the beginning. Check it outhere.


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