Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It is ALL Bush's Fault - Oh! and FEMA

By the numbers

1. The Feds have been blocking money to improve the levee - In fact, environmentalists, New York Times, other liberals have been fighting the money needed.
2. Bush cut the budget for work on the Levee. In fact, congress made those decisions, and the cuts had nothing to do with this hurricane.
3. Bush did nothing, was not active early enough. In fact, he was personally calling the Governor and offered an declaration of emergency two days in advance. Also offered to send in the guard. She said "no."
4. Fema didn't act fast enough. In fact, city government did not follow own evacuation plan which could have brought almost all of the ill, aged, and poor out of N.O. who were willing to leave.
5. Fema should have sent in the guard earlier. Governor had to ask for it. Fema was begging to send in the troops.
6. Fema was responsible for the horror at the Superdome and convention center. In fact, even the red cross was kept out of these two facilities because the governor did not want to make these two locations a draw for more refugees, so didn't allow the red cross in with food, water and drugs.

Lot of folks didn't leave who should have. Is that Bush's fault.

It is also my current understanding that potentially far more than 50% of the homes and businesses in N.O. will be habitable. Power is already coming on. The water is being rapidly pumped out with some estimates that virtually all will be out in a couple of weeks, maybe even sooner.

I have searched the web, but there is no update on total loss of life. Currently stands at 59.

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