Friday, September 23, 2005

Truth About Abortion Opinions

The name of this blog is The Truth About Everything. I knew from day one that his would sound a bit ostentatious. Who is this guy who thinks he knows the truth about anything, much less everything?

I suppose its time to tell the origin of the name, because I'm going to create a new section on this site specifically to deal with the "truth."

All information has bias. Scientists will say that they create theories or come up with laws that state truth. However, even 2+2=4 depends on a subjective system of numbering and symbols that only work because we all agree with that system and its definitions. This is not the same as the philosophical argument that nothing really exists, its all in our minds. It is only a recognition that the only way we can discuss truth is through shared notions, and this starts with symbols and definitions.

We can all agree with most of math. We can all agree with 26 letters in the English alphabet, and that when you arrange those letters to spell "house cat," those letters become a noun describing a domesticated mammal of a certain description. If you tell me that those letters describe a large wild animal with horns and tusks, we can't really have a conversation about house cats, can we?

Thus it is with most discussions about God, politics, science, even disagreements among friends about who did what to whom. You say what I did was rude. I say what I did was appropriately confrontational. We disagree about the word rude," so it is hard to get to the actual action until we agree on the word.

So my goal is going to be to carefully construct some truths about a few subjects. I am a right wing Christian who happens to be lilly white, heterosexual, and married with kids. I'm a business owner, home owner, and city dweller. All of these things will tend to color my opinions. I am going to try to get right in the center of some controversial topics and get as close to truth as possible. In so doing, I may be stating things as truth that don't line up with my personal opinion of "right" or "wrong." Thus I might step on some toes. Lets start with the most controversial subject in America today. Abortion on demand.

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