Saturday, September 10, 2005

Why Can't Folks Go Back to Their Homes in NO

Last night my Mom said listening to the Katrina coverage was making her mad. Now, you'd have to know my Mom. She is very laid back. But right now, I'm feeling her pain. We just keep hearing about how toxic the water is, and that's why people have to leave. But, in many parts of the city, there was never any standing water, and at this time, there are places where the water has receded. If the toilets flush and the flushed matter goes into appropriate sewage channels, these residents could come back home and starting normal life, or in some cases, start cleaning up.

As it is, the REAL news is reporting that all the water might be out by Sept 30 (I'm still saying it will be virtually all gone before that.) The real news is saying downtown will be hopping by Thanksgiving, I'm saying before Holloween. Here's my really bold statement, by next weekend, the city will start letting people go back to their homes. Because, if they don't, there will be riots, or at least major protests.

Have the feds made mistakes. I'm sure, but so do I. Almost every day, and in many ways. I'm sure you do, too. But the city workers of N.O. are seemingly very incompetent, and not well led. Hopefully the voters will kick out the whole lot and start over when they get the chance.

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