Saturday, September 10, 2005

How Much is $125,000,000,000

Estimates are now coming in with regard to the cost of rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Insurance Companies are saying their loss may be $60,000,000,000, that is billions with a "B." The US Government just put aside $60,000,000,000 more of your and my money for the effort. Charities have raised almost $1B. In kind donations must be way over that by now. Then there is local money and the money that folks will spend out of pocket.

Let's assume that 1,000,000,000, people are really effected by this. That means they have lost their home, or have had extensive damage. Then there are the companies that are effected. However, if we just take the people, that is every man, woman, and child, the cost we are discussing would be $125,000 each. For a family of 4, that is half a million dollars.


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