Monday, September 19, 2005

Compassion and Empathy

One thing that seems to be totally missing from the comments of the pundits and political types regarding Katrina is any kind of compassion or empathy for those who were in leadership positions. Would any one of them have done any better at all?

Here might be a check list for the Mayor:

1. Have at least a few hundred back up drivers available in any emergency in case most of the bus drivers leave town or don't answer their phone when we call to get folks evacuated.

2. Have another few hundred cops trained and ready to go in case 30% of the force is AWOL on the first day of the emergency.

3. Plan in advance how to handle 100's of thugs from neighboring states who come into the town to take advantage of no police on the streets.

Another check list for FEMA director Brown and Homeland Security director Chertoff.

1. Bring all your people up to speed on every possible kind of natural or man caused catastrophic event possible.

2. Example: The largest earthquake ever in the USA was in SE Missouri, so be sure to be prepared for another one there.

3. Another Example: The Japanese made a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor once, so have measures fully in effect for that, too.

4. It is possible that we could have a volcanic eruption in California that could create a Tsunami that would wipe out the North Coast of Hawaii. There is also a possible Tsunami coming 1200 feet high that would hit New York City if a certain chunk of underwater cliffs decides to fall. Don't forget the chance of levy problems in Sacramento, CA.

5. Talk to Congress about allocating about half of the federal budget for the next decade or so to build up our defenses against all known and possible events.

6. Prepare standing PR plan for any such event, because no matter how fast you work or how well prepared you are, you will likely lose your job and the presidents poll numbers will drop like a rock.

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