Sunday, September 18, 2005

Main Stream Media Failure - Part II

Victor Davis Hanson says it so much better than I can:

Remember all of this about Hurricane Katrina?

The destruction was the result of global warming. And it was made worse by too many troops off in Iraq. Endemic racism and neglected environmental legislation were as toxic as flood. Military assets were unused due to incompetence or heartlessness. The neglect of the victims was an indictment of a crass and uncaring society.

But none of that ad hoc "analysis" proved conclusive.

You can read his entire article here
and you should. I mean it. You need to read the whole thing. Our media is out of control, and we either need to turn it off or find our news in new places, like the web.

Hanson goes on to say:

But the media's coverage turned out to be almost as disturbing as the natural calamity and initial bureaucratic ineptness — in both the falsehood it spread and the truth it ignored. Political commentators proved more disturbing, seeking to turn death to partisan advantage.

The public was given few facts about what really happened among those trapped, especially the human mayhem that took place. Most would appreciate evidence before sweeping cultural analysis of half-reported stories that were not followed up because they were either untrue or politically incorrect.

Truly I think people died because of the MSM. Truly, I think people's lives were upset or made worse by the reporting. And not just in this instance. What was gained by the daily overreporting of the Natalee Holloway story. I'm sure it didn'g do anything for the tourist trade In Aruba. And there is nothing to suggest that this was a systemic problem for Aruba. It was sensationalism, pure and simple.

What should we do?

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