Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Truth About Katrina - Cost

Here again, your sage had it first. Why isn't the national media calling and asking how I knew first. But the San Francisco Chronical figured it out the other day. And the writer had the time to do the research. If your interested at all, this is a great article on how the $200 BILLION number was birthed, and how the number is probably very close to the $35 Billion suggested in the blog a month ago.

Here are the news media predictions followed by my predictions on Sept 1:

City closed for 9 months. I say more than 50% will be back at home 30 days from now
30 days to drain all the water. That is the low estimate. I say it will be no more than 30 days and probably a lot less.
Potaable water and power in 3 months. I say at least 50% in 30 days. 100% in less than 3 months.
Dead 10,000 or more. I say less than 1000. Maybe way less.
Cost $100,000,000,000. I say $35 BILLION.

I really am beginning to think we have total fools running the MSM and the congress actually has voted $75 billion to fix Katrina when total uninsured losses at this time are being estimated at maybe $20 Billion for both storms. Is anybody listening?

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