Sunday, October 09, 2005

Purpose Driven or Just Driven

Yes! I'm one of the millions who have read the Purpose Driven Life and participated in various small groups at my church. I have even gone to Saddleback Church for a weekend conference with Rick Warren and other staffers providing instruction in how to become more effective as Christian leaders using the Purpose Driven approach. The weekend was very memorable and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get closer to Jesus and take a hard look at their personal investment in the work God intends us to do.

Then why am I still not doing all that I think I should do to further the kingdom? And I'm not alone. I look around me and see countless others who are doing little else than attending a Sunday morning service and possibly a small group. Sure, there are those who do some greeting at the front door, work as leaders of kids classes, or add their vocal or musical talent to the worship team.

I do know a few folks who are helping to feed the poor, visit the prisoners, take care of widows, and such, but they are the exception. I want to be like them, but something is holding me back.

I think for the most part the greatest roadablocks are other responsibilities like work, household chores, the needs of wife, kids, grandkids, and friends. Sure, there are hobbies like reading, writing, and a bit of tv.

I know some folks are looking for leadership or something to get passionate about. But I tend to be someone who starts things and I'm passionate about many things. Or at least I am while I'm reading about a need.

Anyone else feel like this? What is your thinking?

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