Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dems Trying To Upstage POTUS

I don't expect the MSM pundits to see through this blatant effort on the part of democrats like Harry Reid to upstage the amazing progress in Iraq. But I hope the public gets it.

Today, the Dems paraded out one after another to talk about the Kerry bill. The bill is supposed to require troop reductions and complete withdrawal along a timetable that is yet to be divulged. However, each Dem who spoke talked about reduction in '06, and virtually 100% withdrawal by end of '07. That just happens to parrot what the new government of Iraq is saying, and what one could pretty well deduce from listening to military leadership.

What in the world do we need with democrats who claim they're staking out a different position because of ineptitude on the part of Bush, when the position seems to be identical to what will happen anyway . . . with, uh, no help from them.

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