Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fear-as-Political-Tool Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Political cartoonist Matt Wuerker must have read my post of a few months ago, and the follow up on Mark Steyn. His cartoon which appeared in the LA Times today, and which can be viewed here, was right on the money - at least as far as it went. You see, he only expressed the type of fears that the Republicans use to encourage votes for conservative candidates.

Not being an artist (or even remotely close to being such), I can't give you my own version of this cartoon depicting left wing scare tactics. However, we all know they would include global warming, prayer at graduation ceremonies, fast food, book burnings, too many and the wrong kind of babies, and recently jews. (Surely you've been paying attention to the antisemitism of the left, especially the acadamy?)

In any case, I'm convinced that a great deal of how folks get and maintain power is through instilling fear. And I write here that different folks are more likely to be afraid of different kinds of potential or real threats. I conclude in that post that what you fear may largely determine how you vote.

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