Thursday, June 29, 2006

Free or Almost Free Divorce - The Truth About Lawyers part 1

A new thread for this column is going to be to provide you, my gentle readers, with ways to avoid legal costs. As a graduate of UCLA Law School, considered the 10th best school of jurisprudence in the land when I attended, I have at least some standing to offer punditry in this arena.

I decided way back then that the U.S. legal system was in very bad shape, and it is getting worse and worse. The system rewards those who are least deserving of being rewarded, and generally hurts or fails to help those who are most deserving. I will develop these arguments in future posts. I suspect that you may already agree that this is true, but it might be good to get a bit of discussion going. Maybe we can be at the forefront of change.

Lets start with divorce. My original intent was to practice family law. I felt then and now know for a fact, that most lawyers will do nothing to keep folks together, and will do much to drive them further apart. I offer a free system right here to help you avoid divorce when the marriage is in trouble, and avoid all but minimal costs when there is no saving the union.

Part 2 will reveal the details.

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