Monday, July 11, 2005

Darwin Losing in Battle of Ideas

From the Washington Times

"Most Americans believe it all starts in heaven: 64 percent of us agree that "human beings were created directly by God," according to a Harris poll released yesterday.
The belief was pronounced along partisan divides: 73 percent of Republican respondents and 75 percent of conservatives believe God is the ultimate Creator. The figure stood at 58 percent among Democrats and 48 percent among liberals.
The poll found that while college graduates, adults ages 18 to 54, Democrats, liberals and those living in the Northeast and West support "evolution in larger numbers ... among these groups, majorities believe in creationism."
Among college graduates, for example, the poll found that almost half believe in creationism, while 31 percent supported evolutionary theory."

While those who argue for Darwin's view feel that this is not an issue that can be decided by polling, one would think that given 150 years of indoctrination, the average man on the street would be ready to think for himself. If we believe that most folks across the broad spectrum are reasonable, then the vote is in. At least for now, GOD did it.

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