Friday, July 15, 2005

Good News Day

This is not the second in a continuing series about how slanted the reporting is in the LA Times. It might be the second in that series about how slanted the Main Stream Media is with the LA Times as the example that shows up on my driveway every day.

If you really, really dig through the Times today, you will find out that Retail Sales were up in June AGAIN, but that inflation was NOT! Front Page for sure under Clinton. Second page of Business Section today.

Dig some more and you'll learn that Carl Rove and the White House have been totally honest about the Plame affair. They haven't even been parsing the word "is." Rove had nothing to do with exposing Plame. He was asked about her by others, but did nothing to expose her. Even her friends and neighbors knew she was CIA. Front page? So that it would equal the front page treatment of the accusations. NO. Not a chance. Buried in the front page section.

Didja know that most Republicans feel that they didn't do enough during the Civil Rights movement? True. We've been apologizing for decades even though a higher percent of R's voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Bill than did D's. So, if a top ranking member of the administration goes before the NAACP National Convention and apologized for not doing enough, FRONT PAGE FOR SURE. Wrong again.

But it is a good news day. And later today I'll be headed to my 12th Promise Keepers Convention. How much better does it get than that. (P.S. It was the PK Million Man March (actually 1,000,000) where 1,000,000 Christian men apologized for past prejudice.)

I will post some notes on what the speakers had to say later this weekend.

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