Friday, July 29, 2005

Man Creating Deserts - By Planting Trees

You see, hereis my big problem with the global warming types. Sometimes man's response to a real or imagined threat creates a bigger problem. Usually, this is because the science is incomplete, or the desire to move quickly is too compelling.

So it turns out, according the this articlesometimes when we plant trees in order to preserve water, the trees end up using more than they give back. This dries up reservoirs, streams, and the ground, creating deserts.

Being at an advanced age, it is unlikely that I will be around to see the destruction caused by global warming, should it turn out to be real and as dangerous as some prophesy. And for the same reason, I won't be around to see the potential disaster that man may cause by trying to fix it. But I would hate to be the generation that leaves such a legacy to my kids and grandkids. Moreover, some of the disasters to our economy could happen real soon if the envirowackos have their way.

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