Saturday, July 02, 2005

Steady State May Be Back - Many Big Bangs

Skeptic Magazine on line has posted a book review worth noting. James N. Gardner reports on “The Big Bang’s Steady State: The LIfe and Science of Fred Hoyle.” He concludes his review with this:

“But if (Andrei) Linde and his colleagues are correct, the process of continuous creation (lots of big bangs) operates at a scale utterly beyond our capacity to physically envision it — not mere atoms but entire new baby universes are continuously created in an eternal process with striking parallels to (Fred) Hoyle’s discarded steady-state cosmological theory.”

Glad to see that the origins of the universe are clear to all leading scientists. Personally, I think it will soon be proven that there are micro organisms that fill every void in the universe. They are all a part of one intelligent organism who is but one such organism. There are millions of these, and they live, breed, communicate, with one another.

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