Saturday, July 09, 2005

George Bush Cannot Possibly Win

Had a great conversation with my favorite Democrat foil today. We love to challenge one another on the issues of the day. As we took turns squashing the other guys best points, I opined:

What if by next Summer, Iraq has had elections, the violence has decreased, and our troops are starting to come home? Would you say that was a win for Bush?”

“No.” He replied.

“Then,” I added, “What if the Israelis and Palestinians have completed the roadmap to peace, there is almost no conflict going on in that area, and Lebanon has also stabilized? Would that make you think Bush had it right?”

“No. I would still think that we should have allocated more resources to homeland security instead of Iraq.”

“Ok. What if, in addition to all the above, there are no successful terror strikes on US interests during the remainder of his term, the economy stays strong, and the deficit is cut by more than in half? By a strong economy, I suggested under 5% unemployment, low inflation and interest rates, and ever increasing levels of home ownership. Would that be enough for you to finally say that George Bush had been right in his policies, or at least successful?

“No, he replied again. What if there are continued terrorist attacks against our allies?”

I suggested that it wasn’t necessarily our responsibility to insure the end of terrorism in the homelands of our allies, but what the heck, “Then we’ll throw that in, too. Now would you be willing to say he did a good job?”

“Well, I don’t know. No, I don’t think so.”

Now this friend is not a lefty. In fact, he is center left. And he is African American. So I said, "With only three years to go, what if there were a study at the end of his term that showed parity in black income, college and grad school attendance, and home ownership? Would that do it for you.”

He laughed, “Sure.” But he quickly backed away from even that.

Once again we can see that the current political climate has nothing to do with policy, results, strategy, or philosophy. It all comes down to the Dems being “out” and wanting back “in.”

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