Thursday, March 09, 2006

Book Review - The Secret on Ararat

Tim LaHaye is finally getting a fair amount of press. But, I've said it before, he has not received anywhere near the acclaim that his body of work deserves. The Left Behind series will never be confused with great literature, but it was fun reading, and it informed during that fun. If you've not yet read Left Behind, it gets my "Buy the Hardback" rating. We have the entire series in Hardback, and our boys have the kids' version.

The Babylon Rising Series with co-author Bob Phillips is much better written than Left Behind. But that doesn't mean it is great literature either. The story line is fine. The characters are interesting. The setup where hero Michael Murphy is challenged in some death defying game by Methuselah in the opening paragraphs of each book is well done.

I think the biggest missing ingredient in this book is context. It is written almost like the nightly news. The scenes are short with too little build up, and resolve themselves too quickly and easily. Then the entire book ends the same way. Some books feel as if they could be edited, cut down to size. This one feels like it needs someone to flesh it out.

However, as with Left Behind, you will learn tons in this book about Noah and the Ark, both from a Biblical perspective and a current archeological view.

So, if you go through this blog, you will see that there are quite a few good Christian mystery novels out right now. I read them in descending order of quality. This made each one seem like chopped liver compared to the last. Possibly if you read them in reverse order, starting with this one, then going to "Comes A Horseman," and ending with "Shoofly Pie" and "Chop Shop," you could get the opposite effect.

For "The Secret on Ararat" I must give it a buy it used rating on my new book rating system.

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