Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mona Charen on "Feminism Isn't Dead"

In the ongoing discussion regarding the differences between the sexes, I think Mona Charen, conserative columnist extronidaire, makes a great example. It is hard to argue against the proposition that men tend to be more logical and women more emotional in argumentation. But Mona Charen is one woman who gives lie to that stereotype. Her columns commonly provide by far the most organized and logical expression of the wisdom of the conservative point of view available.

This is certainly true of a recent column posted at NationalReviewOnLine The column is a review of a new book by Kate O'Beirne, "Women Who Make the World Worse."

Feminism, far from promoting the happiness and well-being of women and society, has instead left great swaths of melancholy in its wake. O'Beirne cites "One large study of well-being data on one hundred thousand Americans and Britons from the early 1970s to the late 1990s found that while American men had grown happier, women's well-being had dramatically fallen during the period . . . women were 20 percent less happy."

How could women not be less happy. They have given up so much to get so little.

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