Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Comes a Horseman" by Robert Liparulo - Book Review

Having just finished ShooFly Pie(See Review here) and Chop Shop, it was easy to view Liparulo's prose as kind of so-so. But, 30 pages in, and reflecting back, it was only by comparison. Sure, Tim Downs writing is so smooth, it melts in your mind. And if Liparulo only scores a B in artistry, Comes a Horseman gets a solid A in suspense. Just when you settle in for a decent read of a pretty good book, he hammers you with the first "thriller" scene. It is so vivid, that there is little wonder that he has already sold the movie rights.

The setting moves across the globe and the centuries. The history alone is worth the read. And there is a major Christian thread dealing with end times theology. If you like Ted Dekker and Randy Alcorn, you'll like this one. You may have guessed by now that I give all three thumbs up to Comes a Horseman.

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