Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Population Trends - Part II

As has been noted elsewhere in this place, and by such pundits as Pat Buchanan, the most advanced cultures on the planet are experiencing population declines. In some cases, like the US, this decline in population among native borns is being made up for by immigration. In other places, like Japan and Russia, there is an actual decline taking place.

No one is raising a red flag about this trend. Sure Buchanan is, but no one takes him seriously (I don't take much of what he says very seriously.) But on this, he is raising an issue that will impact the human species in ways that are not being thought through. It is unlikely to effect an old guy like me very much. But my kids should be evaluating their own plans and futures based on a World that may be faced with significant issues over a lack of population.

Since I criticize other "thinkers" for failing to point out the bright side of such things as global warming, let me expose a couple of the bright spots on this issue.

God is in control. Just as David was chastized by God for counting his troops instead of relying on God, ultimately God will adjust the population based on His overall plan. In a natural sense, as populations decline, folks will start increasing their output, so to speak.

The adjustment we are seeing take place now may be just the thing we need to get some countries or cities into a more manageable size. Mexico City, Brazilia, and other cities are out of control. China, Indonesia, India likewise.

Here is the theological question: Does God allow war, disease, homosexuality, and abortion to increase as a natural way to control population?

Population trends

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