Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Teachers Who Indoctrinate Kids

There is no subject more perplexing to me that the denial by those on the left that teachers and professors are indoctrinating our kids with leftist thinking. This is not a new phenomenon. In 1968, while I was at Mt. Sac Jr. College in Pomona, CA., I had a political science teacher who was a good teacher and we got along great. In fact, even though we were polar opposites on the issues, he gave me very high marks on my essays and recommended a career in politics. But I turned in one essay entitled "Stereotypes are Real." It was as well researched and written as anything I ever turned in. However, his bias finally couldn't take it any more, and my grade reflected it.

This wasn't an isolated example, but at Cal State Fullerton (now CSU Fullerton), Cal Poly Pomona, and UCLA, the professors were almost all pointedly liberal.

28 years later my 16 year-old tells stories almost every day of the leftist and anti-Christian bias of teachers at his school. Being very bold, he is happy to debate them, and being very charming, the teachers seem to enjoy the exchange as well.

But my son pointed out last night that it is difficult to hold on to your opinions when the teacher has so many advantages: Education, position, age, experience, just to name a few. This power advantage is why all Americans should be concerned about the way teachers are intentionally using that power advantage to move a leftist, anti religious agenda. Does anyone doubt this is true?


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