Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dissing the Mexicans

500,000 folks get together for a peaceful demonstration in downtown LA, and it is barely making the news. Oh sure, it will lead at 11:00 tonight, and be the headline in the Times, but it will not be covered anything like 1000 hot heads who burned something down or turned over a car or two.

Pay attention folks. This is not a small issue that will go away. We are going to have to have some compromise from our two party system on the issue of immigration or we are going to see a growing crisis. I have blogged on this a few times before, just put undocumented into the search field above.

The general manager at my plant offered a pretty good idea.

1. Major crackdown at the border. I've been saying this. There should be no compromise.
2. Undocumented workers who are here already have won the jackpot. They get documents. However, they need to have a job, an address, no criminal record of consequence. They can stay.
3. After a moratorium (one year?) start rounding up folks who aren't documented. They will be the criminals.
4. Increase the number of green cards for Mexican to a number that makes sense for the US economy.

We need these folks as much as they need us. We stopped having babies two generations ago. Now we need an increasing population from some source to fund social security and do the jobs that American's won't do. And yes, Mark and Ken, there are plenty of jobs Americans won't do.

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