Thursday, March 09, 2006

Democrats Work on 2006 Agenda

The Dems say they are going to tell us how they feel, or think, or something, about how things should be done. They have been promising this for some time, but seem unable to come up with anything. Sooooo

I would offer this as their new manifesto:

1. We believe in killing human embryos for any reason. In fact, we would prefer them dead to alive. This will reduce population.
2. We believe that people of all ages should be able to consent to sex of all types, as long as its done in private or in movies and on TV.
3. We believe that teenagers are incapable of resisting sexual temptation, so we don't believe in making any effort to convince them to abstain from sex of any kind.
4. We believe that evolution has been proven beyond any doubt, and that anyone who believes that God created the world is a country bumpkin.
5. We believe anything science tells us. One headline that quotes a scientific study, and we are prepared to make public policy and change laws.
6. We believe in government and the mass media, but distrust business and the church.
7. We believe that all ideas are equal in value, except those ideas believed by evangelical Christians or other tradition family types.
8. We want the poor to prosper, but not so much that they would increase greenhouse gasses or deplete natural resources.
9. We think killing a criminal who has killed another human is just the same as killing a baby just before it is being born.
10. We believe that people should vote in blocks based on their victim status, not based on any aspect of good governance.


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