Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Coming Late to "24 Hours"

I am not usually out ahead on things like style, culture, etc. Maybe I'm a slow learner, or just a true conservative. For instance, I was dead last to buy a leisure suit. So late was I that within 30 days no one would be caught dead in one. I'm so far behind that one of our young adults in church complimented me on a shirt one day, then said: "If you're wearing it, I guess I should get rid of all mine of that style."

Thus it should be no surprise that Pam and I just started watching "24 Hours." We have sometimes watched 4 hours at a stretch. But then, those who are hooked aren't suprised. For the 6 people in America that like thrillers and haven't yet done "24 Hours," be prepared to do very little else for a few months of your free time.


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