Thursday, March 02, 2006

IMAX - Special Effects Are So Much Fun

Thirty-eight years ago I was being a tourist at the Santa Monica Pier. There was a little shop showing a completely new thing. At the time I thought I should forget everything else I was doing or dreaming of doing and invest everything in what they were doing. They were doing Laser Holography. Just little 3D pictures, but a technology virtually unknown at the time destined to have a major impact in so many places.

I don't think that visit started my love affair with 3D, but I just think 3D is great fun. So, I have seen almost every IMAX film ever produced in 3D (and most of the 2D ones, also.) I think my first time was at Pearl Harbor, or was it Cape Canaveral. Most of the time, it is just down the street at the Museum of Science and Industry near USC.

I haven't seen this one yet, but I saw its earlier version. Coming March 3 to many IMAX Theaters is Deep Sea 3D. Nobody does nature films better than IMAX. Take the whole family.


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