Friday, March 17, 2006

I Love Los Angeles

I ran across a post today that was dissing LA. So, here is a short list of why I have chosen to stay here:

4 World class art museums and dozens of others that are just shy.
A decent museum of science and industry
A very good museum of natural history
3 Outstanding gardens (arboretums)
A very good zoo with a world class zoo within 2 hours drive and an unbelievable pocket zoo 2 hours the other way
Dozens of outstanding live theaters from major venues to 99 seaters
Beaches of every type and stripe
12 inches average rainfall
SUN all the time
Vies with San Diego for the best year round climate on earth.
The Magic Castle
The Ramona Pagent
The Pagent of the Masters
The LA Symphony
100's of local symphony orchastras, ensembles, and the like
UCLA, USC, The Claremont Colleges, The Design Center, Biola, Dozens of other outstanding learning centers
Griffith Observatory
Sunset from the ocean to La Brea
The La Brea Tar Pits
The dizzying variety of restaraunts, retailers, and other choices of goods and services
LA Harbor, Long Beach Harbor
Are their weird people here? Sure, but have you ever spent any time in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami. You want weird?
Is there traffic here? Have you ever driven in New York, Chicago . . . .
Are there bad folks here? Philadelphia, DC, Newark, Miami, Atlanta, ...

I have been fortunate to have traveled much of the USA and the world. Hawaii is nice, North Counties in San Diego is very nice, but all-in-all. WLA has it. That's why a 2 bedroom 1 bath house a mile from the beach in Venice is $800,000. A few other folks have figured out what I have.

But then, my experience is that for many people, it doesn't matter much what they have been given, they will find the problem and the fault rather than praise God for the blessing.

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